Sanjay Dutt on Kaun Banega Roadpati Season 2 – Full Episode 5 – ComedyOne

What happens when Sanjay Dutt comes face to face with Big B. Watch Sanju Baba on Kaun Banega Roadpati Season 2.

Watch the full episode for more Laughter.

► KBR – Season 2 All Episodes

► KBR – Season 1 All Episodes

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Comedy One attempts to be that ultimate ‘everyday escape’ from drudgery. A break from the usual humdrum and that release from unnecessary stress …lighten up, crack up, laugh out loud or even roll on the floor laughing. With creative contributions from a variety of talented producers, writers and performers, Comedy One makes a humble start here. As we grow, we welcome new talent to contribute to building this Brand and truly making it ‘the home of funny’. Across genres, languages, formats and styles – gags, spoofs, pranks, skits, improvs, stand-up, roasts, candid, parody, interview, what have you – we aim to create the ultimate online & mobile repository of original Indian comedy, for audiences anywhere, anytime and on any device.


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