Tap That S01E01 – Rumble In The Dangal

Ever get the feeling that you’ll die without having lived? Not these guys! Meet Harman and Abhishek; two city slickers on the journey of a lifetime: Fearless travellers with a thirst for tapping things that no one has dared to!

Harman’s first experience in the Akhada proves to be a rather painful one. He gets his ass handed to him by the same guy who will be teaching him and guiding him over the next 15 days.

Harman Singha (https://instagram.com/harmansingha)
Abhishek Singh (https://instagram.com/notabhishek)
Line Production (Varanasi) : Abhishek Jalan
DOP : Jay Bhansali
Director: Devarsh Thaker
Editor: Rajeev
Producer: Medium Rare Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Concept By: Cyrus Oshidar & Harman Singha

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