The Ambassador’s New Bike – Amir Muharemi – 101 Chromed – 101 India

Amir Muharemi is Croatia’s Ambassador to India. He loves his country, his job… and his bikes. So when he came to India, he began to look for the ultimate Indian bike to own. All signs pointed to the Royal Enfield 500cc, but His Excellency was not satisfied with just that.

Wanting to promote the arts in India, Mr. Muharemi reached out to Reggie at Bull City Customs to take a brand new black and chrome Royal Enfield, and make it into a one of a kind custom bike. With a custom designed leather seat, modded fuel tank and stylish new suspension system, Reggie turned the Enfield into a piece of art. So if you catch a glimpse of a never-before-seen design on Delhi’s roads, say hi to the Croatian Ambassador for us.

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