The Story Behind The Song Jhelumas | Strong Women Of Kashmir | 101 Sufi | 101 India


After experiencing the ravaging Kashmir floods first-hand, ethnic-Sufi band Alif wrote “Jhelumas” as an ode to the river Jhelum. Mohammad Muneem frontman of the band compares Kashmiri women to the river, constantly moving ahead despite the circumstances. This song reminds him of his mother who was always calm and strong in the face of adversity. Listen to the track here:…

For centuries, Sufism, the inner mystical dimension of Islam, has enraptured its followers while fascinating non-believers. It effortlessly combines the meditative calmness of pure devotion with the ecstatic passion of soul-stirring music. 101Sufi is a story of both the present and the past. Modern Sufi music is presented through a series of collaborations, journeys and documentaries. The genre’s history is discovered by creating contemporary portraits of the greatest Sufi poets and scholars.

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