The Man Who Would Be Rajini – 101 Movietown – 101India

Rajinikanth fans are known to be some of the most devoted followers of celebrity in the world. But even among them, one man stands out. Our host Doctor VC travelled to the district of Dindigul to meet Somusundaram – The Man Who Would Be Rajini. Inspired by Rajini from a young age, Somu, called Rajini Somu by most, began to do everything in his power to emulate the Superstar, from hairstyle to habits, to even taking a blade to his face to match his features. Join Doctor VC’s surreal trip to a small town screening of superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali with his lookalike.

Bollywood is bright lights, big stars, and incomparable celebrity. But what about its fringes? MovieTown looks at the men and women living and working at the periphery of the India’s film industry. Animal trainers and fight masters, extras, imitators, and duplicates. Strugglers and misfits. 101 Movietown is the only show that takes its lenses beyond the the silver screen to spotlight the thousands of its support cast members, in all of their vibrant color, and fascinating glory. The stories in Movietown are so incredible that the main show, the Big Bollywood Dream, pales in comparison.
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