Desi Sports – Episode 1 – Mallakhamb – Pole Gymnastics


The hardest sport you’ve never heard of. Invented in 12th century Maharashtra, Mallakhamb finds its roots in wrestling and gymnastics. It is a sport of dedication and skill that combines body strength with poise and elegance. Catch our series Desi Sports as we show you gravity defying stunts, only on Exhale. For more info on Mallakhamb India visit

Conceptualized and Executed by Exhale Sports
Performance by Mallakhamb India
Director: Misha Ghose
DOP: Deepak Nambiar
1st Cameraman: Naman Saraiya
Line Producer: Achal Manglik/Prithviraj Prabhakar (Frizzon)
Editor: Rohit Chandolkar (Noise Studios)
Music: Howl by Stepan Grytsay

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